SAM Check Cashing Near Me

SAM machines are found in local retailers. Some retailers that may have one are 7 Eleven, BP, Shell, Food Town and others. This offers a feeling of safety for some by getting your check cashed inside a retail location rather than being outside of an ATM. There is a fee to use the SAM so this can be compared to other local check cashing places if this matters to you. Locating a SAM Check Cashing location can be done by searching here.


SAM is a self service check cashing machine. While it resembles an ATM, SAMs are not affiliated with a bank and are all found inside retail stores. You do need to be verified with SAM in order to cash a check. When you are going through the verification process, you will want to do this before using the SAM machine for the first time. It is also recommended to do this during business hours to ensure the verification is approved. After that, you can easily use the SAM 24 hours a day.

SAM does not cash personal checks due to the high possibility of fraud associated with this. They do not advertise a limit on the amount that checks can be cashed for. SAM offers the ability to cash a check at your convenience and independently.