What App Will Cash a Check Immediately?

Many apps can now cash checks instantly. 

If you’ve received a check, chances are that you’ll want to convert it to cash as quickly as possible. Although options such as cashing it at the issuing bank or grocery store are available, many people far prefer the option of being able to cash their checks from the comfort of their homes instead. These days, a number of apps are available that will allow you to cash a check virtually immediately.

1. PayPal

The PayPal app provides users with a feature that allows them to add funds from checks they’ve obtained to their PayPal Balance accounts. No fees will apply if you’re willing to use the 10 day delayed funding option, but you can expect to pay up to 5% of the face value of the check as a processing fee when you require your funds immediately.

2. Venmo

Before you’ll b able to cash checks with the Venmo app, you’ll either have to set up direct deposit or sign up for a Venmo Debit Card. Once your profile has been set up on this app, cashing checks with it is as easy as selecting the “cash a check” option and following all of the required prompts. 

3. Cash App

Another great option for cashing checks these days is Cash App. This app offers standard as well as instant deposit options to the bank account that is linked with it and while no fees are payable with the standard deposit option, you will be required to pay a percentage-based fee if you need to access your funds immediately. Fees range between 0.5% and 1.75% at present, but can vary depending on the type of check being cashed. 

4. Ingo Money App

This app has become a popular option for anyone who needs to deposit payroll checks regularly and you will need to link at least one debit card, credit card or PayPal profile when setting it up. As with other check cashing apps, you’ll need to upload photos of your check so it can be approved and processed. 

Costs associated with using this app are sometimes higher than those shared by other check cashing app services. For example, preprinted and payroll checks incur a $5 or 2% of the check’s face value as a cashing fee and up to 5% of a check’s value when cashing other types of checks or money orders. However, no fees will be charged if you’re willing to wait the standard 10 days to access your funds.