3rd Party Check Cashing Near Me

You can cash a 3rd party check at a bank, credit union, or some check cashing places. Some places will allow you to deposit the 3rd party check but not cash it for the actual cash funds. While there are many institutions that offer this service, there are also some that do not. Be sure to check if your provider does accept 3rd party checks. Locating a 3rd party check cashing location near me can be done by searching here.


Cashing a 3rd party check means the person who the check is written to decides to let another person cash the check. This means the 3rd person involved is the one receiving or depositing the money. Any kind of check can be designated this way including a paycheck, insurance check or personal check. In order to pass the check on to a 3rd party, the person who the check was initially written to will first need to endorse, or sign it. It is typically safest to sign the check in the presence of the bank for verification. The 3rd party will then sign the check and the money can be given to them.